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Corporate Life Balance as per many professionals today is a myth because you need to work hard to earn and sit late in the office to score brownie points. Corporate Life is hectic and the time spent in a corporate is long enough to let you neglect your health and wellbeing. We understand this. And to help you break this pattern, we bring to you Corporate Run India.

Adolescence is the age of major physical, intellectual, and emotional growth. Youth – the critical phase of life, is a period of major physical, physiological, psychological, and behavioral changes with changing patterns of social interactions and relationships. Youth is the window of opportunity that sets the stage for a healthy and productive adulthood and to reduce the likelihood of health problems in later years. To make this transition smoother, Ayurveda offers practical advice on how to take advantage of the characteristics of this age and create healthier and happier teens.

Most young people are presumed to be healthy but, as per WHO, an estimated 2.6 million young people die each year and a much greater number of young people suffer from illnesses ‘behaviours’ which hinder their ability to grow and develop to their full potential. Nearly two-thirds of premature deaths and one-third of the total disease burden in adults are associated with conditions or behaviours initiated in their youth (e.g. tobacco use, physical inactivity, high-risk sexual behaviours, injury and violence and others).

“Svasthasya svasthya rakshanam”: protection, preservation, and promotion of the health of the healthy. No other medical science today speaks of maintaining the health of healthy people as one of its objectives. Also, “Vikara prashamanam”: pacifying the disease of the diseased. Of Ayurveda’s significance, Charakacharya states:

“The wise regard the science of life as the supreme science, because it teaches mankind what constitutes good in both worlds, here and hereafter. That is the importance of Ayurveda.”

Ayurveda has different treatments for different diseases, which are well established and consistent over the period. Multiple therapeutic approaches exist in Ayurvedic medical science such as Shodhana, Nidan Parivarjan, Shamana, Rasayana, Pathya vyavastha, and Satvajaya.

Shodhana therapy is a type of purification treatment where toxic factors are eliminated from foods by the application of various unit operations. Peeling, polishing, sorting, cleaning, cleaning, sifting, straining, de-husking, washing, and distillation are different techniques used in Shodhana therapy. According to Shodhana therapy, the unit operations are designated with different nomenclatures like frying process of Hingu(Asafoetida) with ghee to eliminate moisture is called Bharjana. Cleansing and sifting of cumin and mustard seeds are known as Virechana. Removal of ginger (Zingiber officinale) outer skin through washing is known as Svedana. This therapy not only removes the impurities but also improves the nutritional value of foods.

Live a Healthy Corporate life, The Ayurveda Way - Sukhayubhava

Panchakarma – Treatment, Procedure And Effects | Sukhayubhava

At Sukhayubhava, Learn everything you need to know about Panchakarma treatments, Side effects and Procedure. Dr. Garima Saxena…We do not recommend rushingBacklinks Image For Post

According to Ayurveda, the unique therapy of Panchakarma completely removes toxins from the body and leverage you with relaxed mind. This method reverses the disease path from its manifestation stage, back into the bloodstream, and eventually into the gastrointestinal tract. It is achieved through special diets, oil massage, and steam therapy. At the completion of these therapies, special forms of emesis, purgation, and enema remove accumulated doshas from their sites of origin. Finally, Ayurveda rejuvenates-rebuilding the body’s cells and tissues after toxins are removed.

Our Doctors/therapist do not recommend rushing Panchakarma because it is important that your lymphatic system and nervous system are ready to process the toxins and old emotions, beliefs and habits as they are released. Our experienced therapist Dr. Garima Saxena says that it is best to book Panchakarma 4-8 weeks in advance.

New Patient Consult: 6-8 weeks before your Panchakarma start date, you will have an initial consult with Dr. Garima to evaluate your health concerns and goals.If you have visited Dr. Garima before, you will need to schedule a consult with her if it has been a year or more since your last consult. She will prescribe herbs, stress relief techniques, a lifestyle routine and Ayurvedic protocols to help remove the root cause of your symptoms and prepare you for Panchakarma. You will already begin to feel better even before your retreat starts!

Pre-Panchakarma Consult: 2-4 weeks before your Panchakarma start date, you will have a consult with Dr. Garima to make any changes to your prescription and protocols and to prepare you for Panchakarma.

Oleation (Home Prep Cleanse): 7 days before your Panchakarma start date, you will do Oleation, which is a cleanse that you will do at home. Oleation helps you enter fat metabolism mode, pulls toxins from deep within your tissues to your digestive system for removal, balances blood sugar (and thus mood and energy), improves digestion, and opens your detox channels. Each morning you will drink increasing amounts of melted ghee, then follow a nonfat diet of khichdi(rice and beans), with steamed veggies and lean protein as needed.Oleation is easy for most people to do while working and continuing their regular life, though it does require some commitment. On the last day of Oleation, you will do a gentle laxative to remove any toxins that have accumulated in the intestinal tract.

Panchakarma - Treatment, Procedure And Side Effects | Sukhayubhava

Sukhayubhava – Bench Yoga Exercise | Yoga & Ayurveda | Being Healthy

Our expert Dr. Garima Saxena have designed unique set of simple Yoga exercises that can be done while sitting on your designated work station.Backlinks Image For Post

Over the years, the fast paced corporate world has become one of the most common battleground where people are facing stress, burnouts. Short lived careers have become like an epidemic. More and more young proferssionals are suffering from exhaustion and performance crisis all around us. Challenges at work places are multiplying by continual economic quakes. Sukhayu Bhava under the expert care of Dr. Garima Saxena have designed unique set of simple Yoga exercises that can be done while sitting on your designated work station. Employees can start their respective day withese exercises and feel the sea change within themselves in a matter of days.  

Apart from these key benefits, there are infinite benefits that can embrace with heartwarming care. Smokers can get inspired to curb the craving and in return sow seeds of good health. Hangovers and party blues can become perils of the past.

Become a happy achiever and a healthy asset to your organisation…Sukhayu Bhava!!

Sukhayubhava – Chaitanya Workshop | Ayurveda Workshops | Meditation

Workshop shall empower you take bold steps towards self awakening, knowing your true self, learn to know the cause of disturbance in mind, body or soul.Backlinks Image For Post

Awaken your self in 3 steps. Just like Lord Vishnu demolished the ego of a king in 3 master steps:

All these workshops are highly powered sessions of meditation, soul stirring interaction and inspiring moderation

Jagriti (Awakening Consciousness)                     Duration: 7-8 hours

This one day workshop shall empower you take bold steps towards self awakening; knowing your true self; learn to know the cause of disturbance in mind, body or soul; learn basic yoga techniques for physical, psychological and spiritual well being.

Pragyan (Rising Consciousness)                          Duration: 7-8 hours

This one day workshop shall empower you take bold steps towards self awakening; knowing your true self; learn to know the cause of disturbance in mind, body or soul; learn basic yoga techniques for physical, psychological and spiritual well being.

Brahma (Pure Consciousness)                               Duration: 7-8 hours

Sukhayubhava Workshops | Health Guru | Power of Mind | Online Wellness

Sukhayubhava believes in making you aware of your body and your mind power. What’s better than the fact that we become master of our own health.Backlinks Image For Post

Our human self is the biggest gift nature has bestowed upon each one of us. Our body without doubt is a precious treasure chest in its own infinite ways.  Sukhayu Bhava believes in making you aware of your body (what’s the best activity for it), your mind. What’s better than the fact that we become master of our own health. When we are sick, we visit a doctor and he diagnoses and prescribes the cure. Imagine if you are so empowered and your life state is so strong that you nip the ailment in its bud only effectively by setting in motion the wheel of self awakening, eternal connection with your consciousness. Sounds complicated, welcome to Sukhayu Bhava Workshops

Learn the art to concentrate to get awakened to the power of self. Experience the highs of an awakened yogi while conducting the secular life without any hindrance. Learn What’s going inside it and how to deal with it) and connect to your soul. KNOW YOUR SELF, HEAL YOUR SELF AND BECOME YOUR OWN DOCTOR. CHOOSE FROM OUR VARIOUS WORKSHOPS.

Drink Hot Water & Get Rid of 100+ Diseases: Ayurveda Says

Jump start your morning with Ayurvedic routines to keep your mind, body balanced and healthy throughout the day..With that thought in mind, drink a glass of hot waterBacklinks Image For Post

Most human being have perception that a glass of cold water more energizing than a warm one. However, according to Ayurveda, hot water has a variety of health advantages. While drinking cold water, particularly with food, can create problems. The idea behind drinking cold water it that it can “surprise” the system that has some goodness biochemical and physiological.

Ayurveda considers that health of the digestive system is at the center of optimum health. An undigested meal leaves discomfort. Ayurveda teaches you the way to enhance your digestion and digest all your experiences! Agni digests this food and the control centers in the brain are nourished by these fragrant “vapors”. This nourishment releases the nervous impulses, which in turn release enzymes and hormones. This stimulates systemic metabolic activity so that the whole body-mind complex functions efficiently.

Cold water slows down the digestive system and thus hinder the absorption, assimilation, metabolism and digestion. As a result incompletely or undigested food that moves through the digestive system, may or may not be eliminated properly. As a result, you may feel heavy, tired and bloated. Proper elimination is essential to prevent the buildup of waste material in the intestine since such a build up creates toxins and stops foods from being merged with the body.

Hot water stimulates hunger, supports in good digestion, soothes throat, cleanses bladder, reduces hiccups, and soothes the increased vata and kapha. It quiets characteristics of breathlessness, fevers as well as cold and cough. It pulls out and flushes AMA, the metabolic toxin from a body.

Luke warm Water enriches it with energy and it gains a quality that in Ayurveda is called sukshma (= penetrating), which allows purification of the subtle channels of the body through deeper penetration into the physiology.

Drink Hot Water & Get Rid of 100+ Diseases: Ayurveda Says

Sukhayubhava Care | Holistic Ayurveda & Panchakarma Centre

Sukhayubhava Care – Holistic Ayurveda healing center to objective of using Ayurvedic methods & enabling them to achieve a healthy body, mind, soul.Backlinks Image For Post

Sukhayubhava CareWhat further makes Sukhayubhava the ideal blessing for a healthy life is the warm embrace of Sukhayubhava Care. Under the aegis of awarded and respected Dr. Garima Saxena panchakarma remedies, holistic remedies and ayurvedic treatments are pure blessings. At Sukhaubhava Care, We follow and practice the ancient science of Ayurveda, which has given us medicines and answers for various normal afflictions and illnesses and additionally for mental pressure and stress. These medications don’t have any symptoms and the prescriptions utilized are painstakingly arranged utilizing regular fixings as it were. Along these lines, it bodes well to experience an Ayurveda encounter, which is exceptionally remedial and additionally invigorating and rejuvenating.

At Sukhayubhava Care, Technically developed Fresh Natural Aroma embrace the Virtual Environment created within Wall to make you feel alive with a whole range of leisure pursuits. The natural beauty lies within the wall embraces the spirituality engraved within you and the same enlights your mind, body and soul which drive you through the hidden “I” within you.

Here at Sukhayubhava Care, we resonate the subtle energy to awaken your ethos and meet you with “The Real You”. This empowers your sense organs(Indriyas) and keep you full-functioning. Sense organs help us in acquiring Yathartha anubhava i.e. “knowledge of an object or subject related to the particular indriyas in their true and unadulterated sense, as-it-is”.

Defeat Dengue: The Ayurveda Way – Sukhayubhava

Defeat Dengue: Sukhayubhava Ayurveda Way. In Ayurveda Dengue is Known as Dandank Jwar, other common names are Dandy fever, Breakbone fever, Three-day fever.Backlinks Image For Post

Dengue is not like a simple fever or flu, but more dangerous than all. Dengue is a viral infection transmitted by an infected female Aedes Mosquito.

In Ayurveda Dengue is Known as Dandank Jwar, other common names are  Dandy fever, Breakbone fever, Three-day fever.

Dengue can occur in people of all ages, children of 10 yrs or lesser are majorly affected. Dengue fever is non –contagious

When a virus enters the bloodstream after the bite of infected Aedes Mosquito, virus tends to multiply. To fight against the virus, our Body Defense Mechanism increases the body heat, so the fever appears and while fighting against the infection Platelets goes down.

Dengue fever & symptoms can fade in 10 days, but complete recovery from dengue infection can take more than a month.

Dengue fever is a symptom of viral infection in the bloodstream, so the subsiding fever is never a solution. What is to be done is to support your Body Defense mechanism by natural Anti- Microbial and by enhancing immunity Power.

Do not panic if diagnosed with Dengue. There is for sure solution for it.

Defeat Dengue: The Ayurveda Way - Sukhayubhava


Shata Chakras, are the psychoactive energy centers in the human body and directly associated with physical, mental and emotional health of a personBacklinks Image For Post

Are you aware of the fact that our body has seven energy centres that are largely responsible for our various moods and behaviour? Human have terrible mood swings. At times we are high on energy and feel very positive, at times we feel very low, sometimes we can concentrate better but some time we cannot not. This is because the chakras in the body are blocked or some time more active. Shata Chakras are the Energy centres in our body also called the ‘whirlpool of energy’.

When it comes to health and nutrition, our Indian tradition goes way back in terms of scientific and metaphysical advances in the study of the human physiology (body, mind and soul). According to Ayurveda, the body, mind and soul (spirit) form one single working unit, and if any one of these components is not working well, it will affect the other two. The human body contains the Shata Chakras which regulate the physical as well as the psychic energy of every individual. The word ‘Shata’ is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘seven’. There are in total Shata chakras that govern the vital energies of our body.

Ayurveda says that the whole universe, including all the living organism are made up of 5 elements:

The Shata chakras are governed by these 5 elements and the core extension of the shata chakras lie between the base of sacral bone and the brain. These Shata chakras are related to your psychic and spiritual energy and are not visible to eyes. They do have a bearing on the physical energy as they control and impact the various bodily functions. They represent the entire summation of the Pranashakti (life-force). One will be able to feel and understand these chakras during deep meditation and core concentration.


Live the Ayurveda Way – Blessing for Happy Life – Sukhayubhava

Ayurveda (the science of life) is the world\’s oldest system of healing. A holistic approach and natural methodology aims at prevention and management,Backlinks Image For Post

In the diversified world of medical science, every medicinal cure & treatment has its own approach and limitations. Yet Ayurveda, with its holistic approach and natural methodology aims at prevention and management, and helps in getting rid of disease from its roots.

However its an more than 5,000-year-old Medical science, Ayurveda is greatly legitimate What’s more reasonable for its approach. This ancient science underlines those require on live in tune for way Also plans will support the body’s immunity, In this way aiding clinched alongside keeping and battling against all sorts of ailments. Ayurveda medication includes An facilitated exert between those specialist and the tolerant to those prevention, management Also recuperating for infections.

Ayurveda is spotting an incredible restoration around the world with many individuals searching for a holistic, sustainable, sheltered also powerful type for medication. India, being the birthplace of Ayurveda, has a lot to offer to the world in the treatment of various types of disease – even those labelled incurable by modern science.

Ayurveda not only provides relief from symptoms, it restores health by working on the underlying causes of the disease. So, you might have heard of a lot about de-stressing, detoxification, cleansing, strengthening and rejuvenation in Ayurveda.

For instance, when a patient complains of headache, burning in the eyes, acidity and fungal infection on skin, for him they are four different problems. But for an Ayurvedic doctor, they all indicate impairment of pitta dosha. In such a case, the patient cannot become fully healthy unless impaired pitta dosha is brought under control, which will help to treat and provide a cure to all the four problems.

Ayurveda always aims to attack the root cause of the disease – its objective is not to suppress a particular symptom but to restore harmony and balance. It tries to accomplish this by balancing of impaired doshas (vata, pitta and kapha), digestion and elimination of toxins, strengthening of digestive fire, opening up of channels, and rejuvenation of dhatus (tissues). Thus, detoxification and cleansing is an integral part of Ayurveda science. These cleansing is not only done through medications or Panchakarma therapies, but also through a well-planned diet and the right lifestyle.

Ayurveda is a science that does not believe in suppressing symptoms to provide relief. It focuses on curing a disease without any side-effects. Unlike allopathic medicines, it does not cause fatal or irreversible damage to the human body in the form of side effects. Side effects are rare in Ayurveda. Even if it occurs it might be due to your body’s intolerance to some types of herbs and minerals, or if you are not following the diet and lifestyle advice as per instructions.

Live the Ayurveda Way - Blessing for Happy Life - Sukhayubhava