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Kratom scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa comes from kratom plants that are a part of the coffee family. These kratom plants are native to the tropical forests of South East Asia and Africa. There are several different kinds of strains of kratom as well. Strains like Bali, MaengDa are the most popular ones. For the ease of transportation and extended shelf life, the leaves are dried and then grounded to prepare Kratom Powder.

Krave Kratom brings you the 100% natural, high-quality Kratom Powder. We have three different Kratom Powder variety which are:

It is the most popular kratom strain around the world. Though named Bali, it doesn’t grow in Bali. The city was a transportation hub for the herb.

It is a premium blend consisting of five different kratom strains. The gold blend formula is a Krave Kratom exclusive.

What is Kratom and The Types of Kratom

Depending on the colour of the strains, leaves are divided into three types of kratom. Learn more about What is Kratom and The Types of Kratom.Backlinks Image For Post

Depending on the color of the strains, leaves are divided into three types of kratom; red, white and green. If you take a closer look, then you will see that the veins got a certain color. This color also establishes how the effects would be on the body and mind. Each and every color comes with a unique composition alkaloids and respective effects. However, during the grinding procedure, the stems and veins are removed. Different leaves and strains thrive well in different conditions and have a different effect on the users. Here, you will learn about the different veins and their effects.

The stems and veins of the red-veined kratom got a red hue. It is richer in 7-Hydroxymitragynine alkaloids than any other colored kratom leaves. It is the most popular and best-selling variety of kratom strains available on the market. It is more persistent than other variants and grows abundantly in the South East Asia countries.

Red vein kratom unlike the green and white ones are more compatible with most of the users. It has a pleasant and soothing effect and thus, great for beginners. It gives you a sense of well-being and cheerfulness.

The uses of Kratom Powder and History

Kratom started to take off as a major herbal supplement growing in popularity around the world. Check out the uses of Kratom Powder and its History.Backlinks Image For Post

Kratom has recently spiked up in late 2004. It was not until April 2005, that kratom started to take off as a major herbal suppliment growing in popularity around the world. (To learn more about kratom, check out: What is Kratom and the types of Kratom)

The Dutch traders recognized Kratom probably in the seventeenth century while the European Kratom history began in the mid-nineteenth century according to the records. However, it is not possible even to assume when the South-East Asian history started. It has been a part of their native culture and daily life for more than thousands of years. For many communities, kratom is like coffee or tea.

Kratom is the dried leaves of the plant named Mitragyna Speciosa which belongs to the coffee family plants. It grows predominantly in Thailand, Malaysia, and other south-east Asian countries.

It contains opiate-like element 7-Hydroxymitragynine that is has many uses. Earlier, the local workers of Thailand used to chew the kratom leaves raw. Locally, it was called ithang or kakuam.

Years back, the native people of South East Asia used to chew 10 to 60 leaves a day. Presently, the kratom is gaining huge recognition in the western countries. Now, people can buy kratom online in several easy-to-use forms like kratom extracts, kratom pills, and powder. Being herbal, it definitely beats many of the high-priced drugs.

How to Pick the Best Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules can be faked or manipulated to lower the price. So, better purchase it from trusted kratom vendors who guarantee you best kratom capsules.Backlinks Image For Post

You don’t want fake kratom product. Do you? Well, yes many vendors are selling phony kratom. Some add the stems and other fillers. If the kratom pills are cheap, there are high chances that the vendors are giving you filler-added crappy kratom capsules. Mind it, not only the products are fake and inferior but can also be dangerous.

Hence, we recommend you to procure your kratom capsules only from the reputable vendors – they will give you quality for they have a reputation to safeguard.

How Can Kratom Capsules Be Fake?
Kratom comes from Mitragyna Speciosa plants that grow in the tropical forest of South East Asia and Africa. This plant belongs to the family of coffee plants. The leaves of the plants are handpicked to ensure highest-quality which are then dried and finally, grounded in powder form. That’s top-quality kratom powder. The capsules we see are prepared by encapsulating the most excellent kratom powder into the gelatin capsules.

Some may even add in colors, fragrances or preservatives into it and who knows in what ratio. If the kratom powder is impure, it is just not possible to understand it from the outside of a capsule. Kratom can be faked or manipulated to lower the price, and there is no way for us to tell that beforehand. So, better purchase it from trusted kratom vendors who guarantee you best kratom capsules.

The low price can appear like a good deal, but all that glitter are not gold. Trust one who has a reputation avails trail packs so you can test the quality. In case, you are confused from which kratom vendor you can get best kratom capsules, try Krave Kratom!

Kratom Capsules or Kratom Powder: Which One Is Better?

While some prefer kratom powder, other might like kratom capsules,not everyone would find them equally useful.Order your favourite powder & capsules online.Backlinks Image For Post

Kratom Powder is nothing but the leaves of kratom plants which were dried and dusted for a few essential reasons. It extends the shelf-life of the product. It is easier to transport and use.
Adding further convenience to the use of Kratom Powder, came the Kratom Capsules. High-Quality Kratom Powder of specific weight is then put into capsules.

Both the forms have several advantages and disadvantages of their own. Let’s compare them:Preparation: The powder cannot be used directly – they need to be prepared somehow before using. On the other hand, the capsules are easy and need no prep at all.Quality: It is the quality of the powder that decides the quality of the kratom capsules. You can at least touch the powder to assess the texture. However, there is no way known to tell you the quality of pills until you break it.Availability: Different kinds of kratom strains could be available in powder format; however only a few are readily available in capsule forms. Not all vendors, keep the capsule products but you can quickly get your hands on the powder.Shelf-Time: Both have extended life as they are dried and then prepared.

Not everyone would find them equally useful. While some prefer powder, other might like kratom capsules. However, the points mentioned above are the main areas of differences otherwise both are pretty useful. Order your favourite kratom powder and capsules from Krave Kratom to enjoy top-quality kratom along with fast and free shipping!

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Our Krave products include kratom capsules in Bali, Maeng Da, and Gold varieties. Buy Kratom Extract Powder Online from us today!Backlinks Image For PostKrave Kratom: Buy Kratom Extract & Powder Online

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